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Geospatial ICT Solutions is a company that aims to provide organisations with business solutions. This means that we analyse your operations to understand your business problems and then combine appropriate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with sound business processes to solve your issues.

While Geospatial ICT Solutions is adept as a general ICT services provider, we have developed specialist knowledge and skills relating to geospatial technologies. More than 80% of any organisation's data has a locality dimension (geospatial dimension) so it therefore makes sense for nearly all organisations to use technology that is designed specifically to manipulate geospatial data. The success of applications like Google Maps indicates that people have already begun to understand the value of geospatial technologies and they are amazingly simple to integrate into your current systems.

Cost? You will be surprised to learn that the software we are talking about is FREE from purchasing costs and FREE from any ongoing licensing costs. This is not a gimmick! The software is free because it is provided as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). What is FOSS? Well, it is a highly successful software development strategy employed by the likes of Google and results in rapidly developed, high quality, low cost software.

To check-out what FREE technology is on offer to you, go to our 'Solutions' page. Or, if you want to ask us a question then send an email to:

Ubuntu - the worlds most popular operating system
gvSIG: fully featured GIS deaktop
Postgresql: enterprise class database
Geoserver: geospatial data publisher
                   PostGIS: Spatially Enableing Postgresql
Apache: the worlds most popular web server
Tomcat: Java server that just works
Openlayers: web based mapping applications
Wavemaker: database UIs made easy